It’s about having
no second thoughts.

We cannot be labeled as a bar, restaurant, club,
terrace, garden, coworking place or rooftop.
Because we have it all.

Unexpected shapes and textures,
always keeping their roots in nature and spreading local authenticity.

A culinary journey like no other, that brings together
the flavors of the past with the aromas of today, and
where traditional ingredients collected from all over
the country are reinterpreted with love and take on a
new meaning.

And it’s that meaning that we invite you to discover at Naive.

Music is the soundtrack
of our feelings.

At the edge of land and sky, where sunsets burst into colors and the city looks like our own landscape mural, music is not just music. It’s the soundtrack of our feelings.

Our DJ squad will go eclectic all the way with selections that touch on different genres, mixing history, social movements, groundbreaking experiments and future breakthroughs.
All with the help of the rhythm.

On weekends, we will go late into the nights, being aware that 4 am reveals all of your secrets.

We set the bar high
in order to reach levitation.

Once you made it to Naive, make sure you stop by the bar.
We set about preparing for you a collection of carefully selected drinks,
some well established, others precious gems that we uncovered, some known
around the world and some created right here in our workshop of flavours.
Being aware of the history that links this place to the past,
we are here to wipe the dust, turn the page
and continue its marvelous odyssey.

In the clouds restaurant, situated on top of the legendary ” Magazinul Bucuresti “, with a great view over the city capital of Romania.

21 years old - minimum age for access after 22:00.

Dress code • Elegant • Casual •